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PorterHouse Properties is committed to providing trustworthy and reliable property management services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of both property owners and tenants. With a focus on transparency and integrity, we strive to build lasting relationships and deliver exceptional results.Your trusted partner for property management solutions in Orlando, FL.

Professional Property Management Services in Orlando

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As professional landlords and property managers, we’re committed to bringing you the best rental experience possible. We hope you’ll let us help you find your next place to call home. We pride ourselves on fast response times, open communication, and happy residents. Our goal is to make sure you’re happy, and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen.

PorterHouse Properties : Top-Notch Property Management Services in Orlando

PorterHouse Properties offers comprehensive property management services in Orlando, FL. Our expert team handles tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and more, ensuring your property is well-maintained and profitable. We provide transparent communication and innovative solutions to meet your unique needs. Let us take the hassle out of managing your investment property.

Property Marketing

PorterHouse Properties offers comprehensive property marketing solutions to help property owners maximize their reach and attract ideal tenants or buyers. Our strategic approach includes targeted advertising, professional photography, and compelling property descriptions to showcase the unique features of each property.

Tenant Screening

We conduct thorough tenant screenings to ensure a fair and transparent process. Our screening process includes background and credit checks, as well as rental history verification. This helps us find reliable tenants for our properties.

Rent Collection

Ensure timely and efficient rent collection with PorterHouse Properties. Our streamlined process maximizes your returns while minimizing the hassle. Let us handle the details so you can enjoy a stress-free rental experience.

Property Maintenance and reapirs

Our skilled team handles everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, providing peace of mind for property owners and tenants. Trust us to keep your property in excellent shape, maximizing its value and appeal.

Lease Renewals and Negotiations

We specialize in managing lease renewals and negotiations to ensure a smooth process for both landlords and tenants. Our team is dedicated to securing favorable terms and maintaining positive relationships. Contact us for professional lease management services.

Legal Compliance and Eviction Management

We ensure legal compliance in all property matters, including tenant evictions. Our experienced team handles the process efficiently and ethically, prioritizing fair and respectful treatment of all parties involved.

Discover Top Leasing Solutions for Your

Professional leasing services tailored to your needs. From tenant screening to lease signing, we handle it all. Let us simplify your leasing process.


Residential Leasing

PorterHouse Properties offers expert residential leasing services, helping you find the perfect rental property in Orlando, FL.

Commercial Leasing

Find the perfect commercial space for your business with our comprehensive leasing solutions.

Lease Renewal Services

Renew your lease hassle-free with our comprehensive lease renewal services.

Lease Negotiation

Navigating lease negotiations can be complex, but with our expert guidance, you can secure favorable terms for your property.

Tenant Screening

Ensure reliable tenant selection with our comprehensive tenant screening services, designed to protect your property investment.

Lease Preparation and

Expert lease preparation and documentation services to streamline the rental process and ensure legal compliance.

Testimonials: Hear What Our Customers
Have to Say

I am a disabled with a traumatic brain

I walked slow with a limp and I use a walker. I just got an apartment at Orlando, FL, 32811. I met the realtor last night and signed papers. I am very excited that I found a place that is for me and my walker. Jeremy Porter is a great realtor. I am on vacation from Connecticut for the week and I was lucky to find this place. I fell in love with this walk-in shower. It will make it easy for me to take a shower.
Kamal D
Google Review

Jeremy is a great real estate agent and property manager.

He has helped us sell 2 condos in the past. He did an excellent job showing the properties. Both sold quickly & we received our asking price. He also prepared my in-law's house for rent. He sold many things through an estate sale. He then updated and fixed many parts of the house to make it ready for new tenants. it was a pleasure working with Jeremy and his whole team during this process. He made it simple and easy for us especially since we are not in Florida. He is very trustworthy & honest in all his dealings. Our new tenants are really happy with the house and also with dealing with Jeremy. I recommend Jeremy and Porterhouse Properties to anyone interested in having their property managed. He will give you peace of mind.
Sean H
Google Review

Jeremy and his wife Jenese are
professional and friendly.

They are very knowledgeable about the area and patient with all my questions. I highly recommend PorterHouse Properties for your house hunting journey. They both have a contagious smile and great personalities. 100% recommend this company!
Tracy Schaffner Knouse
Google Review

Nobody likes the stress of dealing with change let alone going into a new home with countless quests on your list, but thanks to Jeremy and his bright and energetic personality I was able to enjoy the process as everyone should.

Nobody likes the stress of dealing with change let alone going into a new home with countless quests on your list, but thanks to Jeremy and his bright and energetic personality I was able to enjoy the process as everyone should.He is very quick to respond texts or calls, and a great problem solver. He will give you a set of options while hearing out your concerns which made it easier for me to trust in him. If and when you have the opportunity to work with him, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂
Enni L
Google Review

We had a positive experience working with Jeremy at Porterhouse Properties.

As a renter in FL, it is tough to find a property that is well managed. We viewed several homes managed by various companies before finding Porterhouse. This home was set apart from the others, nice renovations and well cared for. Jeremy was very friendly and responsive during the viewing and application process. It was refreshing to deal with a hands-on person who really knows the property, rather than a large real estate company that buys up multiple properties without knowing what they are. When Jeremy showed us the house, it was obvious that he was personally involved and took pride in the renovations that took place prior. We have been in the house for a month with no surprises and no regrets. Thank you for making the rental process human again!
Jen T
Google Review

Jeremy Porter and Porterhouse Properties went.

Jeremy Porter and Porterhouse Properties went...To infinity and beyond to get my wife and I the new home we were looking for. After seeing numerous properties, he sensed my apprehension in making a decision. Jeremy, on his own found us a house that was new construction that fit our budget and move-in timeline.
Doug K
Google Review

I've had the pleasure of working with Jeremy at PorterHouse Properties with my downtown Orlando rental property.

From our initial consultation, Jeremy's professionalism and deep understanding of Orlando's rental real estate market were evident, instilling confidence in his abilities. He is always readily available, promptly addressing any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking a reliable and competent property manager.
Daren S
Google Review

My experience with Jeremy at Porterhouse Properties has been nothing short of impressive.

Jeremy’s integrity and dedication are top-notch, whether you’re a renter, investor, buyer, or seller. For investors/landlords, PorterHouse Properties’ guaranteed rental payment program adds another layer of security and peace of mind. I highly recommend Porterhouse Properties for all your real estate or rental needs.
Mike “MikeTheMacGuy” Hasson
Google Review

Porter house properties is fantastic.

Their broker Jeremy is very personable and friendly period he's always happy to educate people on their process. if I ever have someone looking for a short-term or long-term rental? I will definitely be giving him a call.
Tim D
Google Review

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